Page about Freemasonry

My friends from overseas:
It is my pleasure to add a few pages in English, for our non Spanish speaking guests.

Freemasonry is the world’s largest secular, fraternal and charitable organization. It teaches moral lessons and self-knowledge though participation in a progression allegorical two part plays.

Meetings of Masonic Lodges are private and open only to members. In the last several years, Freemasonry has become more open to society at large. The only “secrets” are the modes of recognition which are used solely as a test of membership, for example when a member visits a Lodge where he is not known.

Freemasonry is not a religion: it requires belief in a The Grand Architect of the Universe as a superior power, interpreted by each member according to his individual religion or belief.

Welcome to my Lodge, Unión Justa 357 Nº 351, in the register of the Grand Lodge of Argentina of Free and Accepted Masons. Comments will be welcome.

Worshipful Brother Joseph Bruno Levy
Worshipful Master of the Lodge 2011 – 2012
Buenos Aires, Argentina